Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Life From My Couch

I knew this would happen. Give me some time off from work and I degenerate into a remote controlling, lazy and uninspired human being. And I'm giving much more credit than earned by saying I'm a human being!

I have only been watching TV and sleeping and it's been hard to get me away from the Food Network, House, ER and Millionaire long enough to cook a meal or do the dishes. My grooming habits have degenerated to showering only when stinky or my clothes are dirty. And clean clothes means sweats and a tee shirt.

I was bored last night and threw an impromptu block party. By that, I mean I went to cook some hamburg on my stove last night and something started smoking under the burner and my smoke alarm went off. And in my apartment, I not only have smoke detectors, I have real live loud clanging detectors that sound in all 6 apartments and up and down the street and is hooked up to the fire department who came screaming over to my house to join the party. So everyone knows who I am now in my new neighborhood. I just don't think they like me too much.

I decided after that fiasco, that by tomorrow I'm getting cleaned up, get out and back to the real world. I am going to see family, and I'm going to use the Employee Sale Coupon that my brother sent me to get some of my favorite Yankee Candles. Ah the sweet smell of reality. Another reason to look forward to tomorrow.


Iris said...

I could easily become a hermit. I hate going out anywhere. If it wasn't for my kids and having to go to work once in a while, I would never go out

Kasey said...

Well, Eileen, you really know how to get acquainted with your new neighbors, girl! LOL I hope you are ok and that there was no damage. I've got a gadget here that's wonderful and cuts down on that kind of thing. George Foreman Grill. Hahahaha.

Glad you're ok. How is the Symbicort working?


RX850 said...

Rissy, I always said that I would make a great hermit lol!

Kasey, the symbicort is starting to kick in. I'm looking for great things from it. I better invest in a George Foreman grill, huh? What a mess I got into...

kwrenb said...

I had my George Forman grill on top of the stove (keeps it out of the baby's reach) and somehow the burner got turned on.
Nothing is foolproof in this world!