Sunday, November 05, 2006

Inner Chef

I have about a month off now without any work. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I do know that I tend to get depressed when I don't involve myself in something. I am SO over moving. Yes, I have boxes and boxes to unpack and things to place somewhere but that doesn't spark my interest right now. My inner chef wants to go on a cooking spree but well, that doesn't work very well if you're just cooking for one. I am very very much looking forward to my daughter coming home this month finally after 2 months away. I'm hoping she will inspire me to finish up unpacking and decorating and give me someone to cook for.

But my inner chef is getting active again. I made a chicken noodle soup from scratch today and it came out really well! I even surprised myself. I love cooking shows and try to learn the basics so that I can create my own dishes. I am known in my family for my chili but have been experimenting with Asian dishes lately. I can do a mean teryaki steak or chicken and special rices. I remember years ago watching Emeril Lagasse and learning how to season a turkey by putting seasoned butter between the skin and the meat. YUM! And while Rachael Ray is a little too perky for me, I have liked her 30 minute meals. I cannot however, fathom where she gets the hutzpah to have a daytime show offering ADVICE on things such as relationships and kids. Duh. She is recently married and has no kids. She should just stick to cooking!

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