Thursday, July 17, 2008

Questions after the fact

I had my surgery and came out on the other side intact. A couple of days of not remembering too much, a week of rehab, and then home to begin serious rehab.

I am so grateful that my respiratory status was okay during all of this, and now after a couple of months, I've been told by my surgeon that I can weight bear and begin to walk!

Now what? I was so happy after surgery, feeling less pain, and ready to move forward. Now I wonder what will happen after I can walk, and I am still left with crappy lungs. Once I can walk, will I still be paralyzed with the inability to breathe? Will I still gasp for air with every step I take? Those things can be such torture in and of themselves. Will I work and work and get my legs back only to be too tired from breathing to move?

Well, these questions remain unanswered, and only time will tell. I hope that with hard work, I will be rewarded with better breathing as a side effect.