Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

I've been posting my rehab progress over on Kasey's Rehab Blog which is on my sidebar. It's been a good experience for me and while I'm doing the baby steps, it's showing in my endurance and ability to do more.

I plan to be here more posting so I hope everyone hasn't given up on me!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

January in a nutshell

I cannot believe that it's Feb 1st! I was so busy in January that I hardly noticed it go by...I am back at pulmonary rehab and working hard to increase my strength and endurance. I'm working out on 4 machines and in less than a month I am feeling so much better. Normal people take breathing for granted, but COPDers have to plan for everything from the amount of oxygen we have to take with us to where we park so it's not too long a walk to how much stuff we have to carry. Not to mention the prep time involved before going somewhere ~ I don't leave the house without my paint and spackle on! And how can you go out without a shower? This all takes time, energy and oxygen. BUT by working at building up my muscles, I will make them more efficient so that I need less of my meager supply of oxygen for them so that it can go to the organs that need it the most like the heart and brain. Heaven knows I need that supply to the brain! Better endurance means I can walk farther, carry more and do more. I'm all for that!

Work was terrific in January. We had a great class of students who were so excited about the journey they were embarking on. It makes my job so much easier when students participate and ask questions and want to be there to learn. I think we've really hit our stride with the program and our foundation's goal of sending good qualified caregivers into the community is being met.

This time I didn't teach nutrition, thank goodness. I spent more time on communication and care of the dying and respiratory care. These are my passions. Life was very good in January!