Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election 2006

November 7th has come and gone and another election is over. I am not particuarly political. I'm not left or right or democrat or republican or green party or libertarian or whatever. I vote for who I think will do his or her honest best for the people who voted them into office.

I am a cynic. I despise the negative campaigning and mud slingling and name calling. I vote on the issues that I understand and believe in. I am not going to vote if I don't totally understand what is at stake and I really try to understand each issue prior to casting a vote. I believe in personal responsibility and think that there is too much government. Too much red tape and too many people in the mix for politicians to make good on their campaign promises. I don't for a minute believe a single one of them when they promise something. There are too many lobbies and special interest groups with money to sway even the most honest politician at some point.

I've always said that while I'm too old to lead a revolution, I would be in the front lines, if anyone wanted to get the ball rolling. Idealistic for sure. Unreasonable probably. But no one ever thought the Boston Tea Party would happen either.

I think something has to change before we find ourselves separated by someone who comes in from another country and starts dividing up the states to run. I for one don't want to lose a single right I have. I appreciate living in America and savor my rights. I hope we don't lose them in my lifetime. I cannot think of anything more sad.

Abe Lincoln, where are ya, dude?


Mother Jones RN said...

Oh Honey, my name sake, the first Mother Jones, started working to get rid of child labor when she was in her fifties. It's never too late to start raising hell.


Anonymous said...

Did you find the little girl in the picture in an Orwell novel?