Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Real World

I love Sundays ~ a lazy coffee in the morning and playing with the cat. It's raining today and that's even better. I just love to stay cozy inside and listen to it rain. Ok, that's in my PERFECT world. My REAL world is that I have to go out today to get boxes so I can start packing to move. (I was given a 30-day notice by my landlord to vacate so that he can move in here). Real life can be such a drag!

But on the bright side, I am working on some training modules for nurses, CNAs and oxygen providers. Having been on the receiving end of panic breathing, I wish I knew way back when, what I know now about oxygen and breathing techniques and the equipment. My sister died of lung disease when she was just 50. I could have helped her so much more had I known pursed lip breathing and diaphramatic breathing and tips on how to focus her and talk to her to bring her breathing under control. In the real world, we just don't get enough information and learn much of it on the job.

I am going to make some more coffee and enjoy my perfect world for a while.

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Kasey said...

Hi there! What a pleasant surprise. I didn't know you were blogging but am ever so pleased to see that you are. Your site is just lovely and I will visit often. Thank you for the link, too.
Rock on!!!
Sweetest blessings,