Thursday, September 28, 2006


My blog has been critiqued by Billy Mac! This is what he said:
It's progress not perfection... Thanks Billy!


LJG aka Pennsylvania Independent said...

I had the same thing done as well.
Here are my results of Billy Mac's opinion.

LJG aka Pennsylvania Independent said...

To answer how my breathing has been, my FEV1 was at 50% when I had it done a few weeks ago. My BP was 167/142 that day and a week later to was down to 137/100. I am to return to the doctor on tuesday for another BP check. My doctor believes it may be my wellbutrin or depakote causing the higher blood pressure.
I also seen your post with arthritis problems. I know it is hard for you to grip things because I had carpal tunnel surgery and my grip has not been the same. It is more than I had because I am able to write with a pen.I had severe muscle atrophy. The tingling and most of the numbness has subsided. When I was diagnosed I was uninsured and needed $5000 deposit in order to get the surgery done. I scared my mother and my grandmother by telling them I wouldn't have to worry about the surgery for much longer because I was not planning on living for much longer. My mother and grandmother decided it was time to take action and you can pretty much guess where I was put after that. It worked out because I was able to get the surgery while I was hospitalized.