Friday, January 12, 2007

Hey Michael Jordan

I am writing today about Penny over at "I've got a few things to say"(link on my sidebar). Penny is an educated, single mom whose kids are grown and is a hard working and hard playing gal. She is looking for Mr Right. She is tired of dealing with all of the Mr Right Nows.

Penny's posts are usually very witty and deal with life's ups and downs. She has planned her whole wedding with the help of her blogging buddies and you have to check it out - it is seriously funny! She did it all without the hint of a groom present.

Now that Michael Jordan is single again, Penny's friends think that she and Michael would make a great couple. The rest of us are pitching in and putting forth the word that she is available in the hope that a google search will eventually lead him right to her!

You GO girl. Who said there's no romance left in the world....


Iris said...

OMG, Michael Jordan is single??? That is one fine specimen of a man right there!!!!!!

Margaret said...

Go Penny! Go Penny! Go Penny!!