Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Helping Hand

Last week we sent one of our students out by ambulance with a cardiac event. We accepted her into our CNA/HHA program knowing that she had come from an abusive relationship, she was without her job of 18 years due to a facility closing, and she was practically broke.

We didn't know that her cardiac issues were not stable. And we didn't know that she still lived in her ex-husband's house and that he still abused her. We didn't know how really broke she was until someone told us that she paid her ex her entire unemployment check every week for rent.

What we did know was that this woman was trying to rise above her challenges and be a caretaker to others. And because she found within herself a spirit of giving and caring and a need to nurture, we found a way to have her program paid for by a grant.

So out she went during class last week, feeling dizzy and nauseous and with a BP through the roof. I watched the class come together as a team to make her feel cared for. And once information was shared, they began making plans to make sure she has friends to get through this and to help her catch up with the class. They also made plans to make sure that she has food to eat, rides to places and friends to watch out for her. What a class. What class.

People in the helping professions ROCK!

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