Wednesday, October 01, 2008


My brother-in-law died. He spent a portion of his life being one of the biggest asses in the country. He was an alcoholic with a bad attitude and the ability to anger and alienate anyone in his path.

However, he spent the past 28 years living sober, and giving back in incredible ways. He built a business and became successful, providing jobs and opportunities to many people. He always helped family with taxes for free. He helped his entire family, and I add extended family to that, both with support and financing through their various struggles and hardships. He formed amazing bonds with his family that will be remembered forever.

I will never know how many people he's guided through recovery in AA. For many years, his home was open to struggling members who needed a hand up. He was a dedicated sponsor and leader for all of the past 28 years.

He did all this and more with unbelievable humility and modesty. It was HARD to get him to accept a thank-you; he never did it for recognition. Some would say he was arrogant, and I can agree to an extent, but it hid a heart that was bigger than anyone knew.

If anyone has earned the respect and love of multitudes of friends, business associates and family, he has. I have no doubt that he's breathing easy somewhere in the light. I hope he knows how much I came to care about him and how much I admired and respected his incredible road to redemption.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute, Eileen. I am sure he knows how you feel.


Anonymous said...

Seems like you have been thru quite a bit yourself my friend