Tuesday, December 19, 2006

bits and pieces

*I just have bits and pieces to say today. I'm very content with Christmas coming and being with my family. And sharing a bit of Bailey's Irish Cream with them...ho ho ho!

*I've loved looking out my windows at the neighborhood for the past couple of weeks because everyone's had their Christmas lites up and shining every night. For some reason, they are all off early tonight and I know I am going to miss them after they're down.

*I just watched the last episode of the Everest expedition on Discovery. I still don't understand the need to push oneself to the point of losing fingers and toes to frostbite or even dying in an effort to reach the summit of ANY mountain. It's very sad about the men missing in Oregon on Mt Hood, too. I'm wondering what it takes to be that single minded about something. I will never know because I have trouble breathing at sea level, never mind at 29,000 feet above it!


LJG aka Pennsylvania Independent said...

I had a mixed emotions Christmas, not because of family issues, but because of medical issues. In reference to your doctor post, I have a nightmare experience with mine.
My experience was so bad I decided to walk out on western medicine. As many people know I have had alot of insurance issues covering my bipolar meds. My insurance is getting more horrible every day.
My doctor just seemed he was fed up with it and decided to basically give up on me. My insurance refused to pay for a previous visit and it seemed my doctor was only focused on the previous balance my insurance refused to pay. I told my doctor that I would pay the balance in payments, but it was not good enough. I walked out right then. I didn't stop at the receptionists desk, I headed directly for the door. I went home and decided I was walking out on western medicine. I threw away all of my meds and decided I was not going to accept any doctors advice. I will never see a doctor again no matter how sick I get. I don't care if I get pneumonia again with a fever of 105, I am not going to any hospital or doctor. I said before I usually have to be almost taken at gun point to see a doctor, this time someone will be pulling the trigger before I go.
The doctors office even called me later on that day and said they have samples of my meds, I told them to keep them. I was not returning no matter how sick I get. The receptionist was telling me that I could be forced into an inpatient facility if I was in danger of harming myself. I replied "I'll cross that bridge when I get to it."
I know I am sounding irrational, but the way I was treated at the Doctor's office was irrational as well.

RX850 said...

I am not medically qualified in any way to give you advice on this, but this is a pretty serious step and I hope you re-consider.
I would also suggest that you contact NAMI (http://www.nami.org/) which is a grassroots organization for mental illness and its mission is: "dedicated to the eradication of mental illnesses and to the improvement of the quality of life of all whose lives are affected by these diseases."

Please contact someone qualified to help you out and let me know how you're doing.

LJG aka Pennsylvania Independent said...

I did contact my local NAMI chapter and they know how the MR/MH system in my county is very very inadequate, to a point where they do not even have a psychiatrist working for them at this time. They give you a voucher to see a private practice psychiatrist, which sounds nice and fair, but finding a psychiatrist that takes the vouchers is a different story by itself. No one really wants to take the vouchers because MR/MH doesn't pay to the doctor's standards. I understand that doctors cannot work for free, but they take an oath when they become doctors.
Usually what happens is the mentally ill patient ends up going on a psychotic rampage and ends up overloading the local Emergency Room to be placed in the overloaded psychiatric unit. I know exactly what happens, I have been placed in a inpatient unit twice. I had the choice of signing in or being put there involuntarily. Once it was because I tried "removing" my wisdom teeth because I was having a severe pain and fever of 102.
The second time I was diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel syndrome, with no insurance at the time, and the orthopedic doctor stated I would lose function in my hands permanently, but would not make a payment arragement with me to have the surgery done. Iannounced to my mother and grandmother that I would not have to worry about it because I told my family "I would not be alive for much longer." It scared my family and I ended up in the psych unit again for 12 days.